Pre Construction Services


At Madsa Group, preparation is absolutely critical for a construction project, from preliminary planning before the job begins to weekly updates for a current construction planning and schedule process. Madsa Group develop current and future project planning schedules, this allows us to broadcast progress in a daily and weekly basis. Although it takes more work to generate this kind of schedule, we believe this tools helps our subcontractors focus on their portion of the project. It also enables the owner as well as Madsa Group to clearly understand what is happening in the construction process.


Madsa Group emphasized in organized and maintain throughout the job the thoroughness and organization that is shown in our preparation, planning and bid proposals. Madsa Group meet with our team in the field in a daily and weekly basis by the construction side to ensure the planning and schedule is in progress in the week ahead. In our weekly meeting our staff takes notes of all progress and future progress of the project , this reflects the upcoming weeks including the current construction schedule and then address pay requests, potential change orders, actual change orders and then old and new project issues. Each item is identified by meeting and section and stays on the notes until an action is taken. Madsa Group finds productive and efficient methods to help all parties stay on track and alerts them to any tasks that need to be accomplished to maintain the schedule.


Over the years, Madsa Group has developed relationships with reliable and responsive subcontractors. Many are qualified for any type of project. They know that we require their best performance and in turn, we always deal fairly, recognize our obligations and pay promptly.

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