Construction Management


At Madsa Group, organization, thoroughness and understanding our clients’ budget have been the key to our success and have given us repeat customers throughout the years. Madsa Group begins with a complete review of the plans and specifications, site conditions, and a thorough review of subcontractor bids.


Madsa Group bid proposals process is a comprehensive narrative description and extensive clarifications of the project in hand, which helps the owner anticipate some of the unknowns that invariably come up during a construction project.

This format also enables us to show the owner material costs, labor costs, and subcontractor

suggestions - all of which help greatly during the planning engineering process. Madsa Group also

simplify the proposal into the traditional planning / schedule of the project


At Madsa Group, we consider effective planning and engineering to be when preliminary or completed drawings are reviewed by the contractor and subcontractor, and explore distinctive methods or less expensive applications are suggested to achieve the same quality of construction.


Our Architectural and engineering team begins with a meeting between the owner, architect, and

contractor to discuss materials, design, etc. Ideally this occurs when the building concept has been

established, however this is not always possible.


Subsequently, our meeting our architect team will produce preliminary drawings, which will then be reviewed by the contractor and subcontractor with comments, ideas and more efficient ways to achieve our customers’ satisfaction with a budget in mind. The process is continued while drawings are developed and finally approved by the city in which the project will be develop.


Our process, then begins a negotiated bid process with a thorough and descriptive bid proposal by Madsa Group- based on subcontractor proposals and work to be performed by Madsa Group - that can be used for architectural, engineering and subcontractor’s clarifications of drawings and specifications.


Then the owner/client, architect and contractor meet to determine how much, if anything, needs to be cut to fit the budget. This process includes: Generating accurate prices from the plans; developing modifications to the plans based on prices and the owner's budget; providing additional pricing based on budget-driven changes to the plans; and preparing a final bid based on revised drawings.


Subcontractors may be discuss with to determine what specs can be modified to fit the budget.

Madsa Group then submits a cost-reduction summary to the owner and architect. Plans are then revised as required and Madsa Group reprices the project to fit the budget.

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